Tank Removal

Storage tanks have a limited useful life which all property owners should be aware of.

Prior to the 1980s, most storage tanks were built with a single steel wall which will corrode over time.  The length of time before corrosion causes a tank to fail and then leak depends on numerous factors. 

An underground storage tank has a high probability of leaking when it has been in the ground for twenty years or more.  When an underground storage tank leaks, the soil around the tank will become contaminated and the groundwater may also be impacted posing environmental and health risks.  The length of time the tank has been leaking and the type of soil the tank is placed in will play a factor in the extent of contamination.    

Underground storage tanks are typically a liability for a property owner and removal is recommended.  A homeowner may not be able to sell the property with an underground storage tank because most homebuyers and mortgage companies will not buy a property with a potentially leaking tank.  An underground storage tank creates uncertainties which property owners should avoid.  

CTR is fully licensed and insured to remove any aboveground or underground tank from your property and do the remediation of the soil and groundwater if necessary.